Crypto Arbitrage Just Got Easier

Crypto Arbitrage Just Got Easier

Individual crypto arbitragers were disadvantaged

A few years ago, our team realised something was going wrong in the crypto space and it made everyday crypto arbitragers, just like us, concerned.

We realised many crypto arbitrageurs were trying to increase their amount of crypto that does not stake by manually looking for profitable price differences across different exchanges so they can manually sell high at one exchange and manually buy their crypto back at a lower price at another exchange. At times manually selling and buying their crypto back based on news, hype, promotional activity or random hunches. It’s easy to see why new or beginner arbitragers tried to grow their crypto this way: they couldn’t possibly automate this process at scale as they were pushing small volumes. But beginners weren’t the only ones. Even experienced arbitragers were manually buying and selling big volume and under-performing.

As we grew, we quickly began to realise many arbitragers simply don’t have the time to research exchanges offering price differences or monitor the price differences on a particular coin they are hodling, and were put off because it seemed very complicated.

While it might sound obvious, we also knew that behind every arbitrage is someone’s money. Therefore, delays in the time you sell and the time you buy back your crypto during a manual arbitrage attempt can really hurt in the long run. We set out to change that in 2021.

While we’ve grown really fast ever since, our mission and purpose has been simple from the get-go.

Our goal is to automate crypto arbitrages across exchanges. With our unique approach, we are making it possible even for the beginners.

Every day, our army of bots identify hundreds of thousands of eye watering profitable arbitrage opportunities between exchanges and coin combinations.

Arbitragers can craft their own strategies around these eye watering profitable arbitrage opportunities, setup and deploy bots to complete arbitrage orders as per their settings.

Still your own strategies. Automated.

Today, everyday, a lot of arbitragers use our platform to access arbitrage opportunity insights on 7606 coins across more than 66 centralised exchanges.

With our platform, you can search for coin pairs and exchange pairs using our fast dynamic tables or just click through our pages at bottom of the dynamic table and take a look at our signals page showing eye-watering arbitrage opportunities seen in the past week by

Then you can study every exchange’s unique arbitrage opportunities weekly snapshot, which summarises every coin that had a price difference at other exchanges, you will see the prices, names of the exchanges, direction of the arbitrage and volume. does not make decisions for you. We don’t tell you what exchanges to use or coin-pairs to buy or when to sell. We help you automate your arbitrage strategy.

The way we help arbitragers just like you is by doing the heavy lifting.

Powerful bots and analysis tools at your finger tips

With our tools you can arbitrage 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without any rest and even during bathroom breaks or when asleep. We enable you:

  • to be consistent, unbiased and unemotional
  • to focus on the fundamentals of an arbitrage opportunity (market, speed, price, volume, exchanges, coins etc.), and
  • to void making common arbitrage “fat finger” mistakes

Ultimately, this will save you time and money.

For example, imagine you own 20 coins in your portfolio. You think they are great but you’re still not sure if they can be arbitraged between the exchanges you’re hodling them at.

Our platform is designed to give you faster insights on every coin you own, flag potential arbitrage opportunities and allow you to deploy bots that will automatically place buy and sell orders at the two different exchanges on your behalf almost at the same time such an opportunity is identified. Even when you are sleeping, spending time with your girlfriend or daughter or during your lunch break.

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